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Monday, September 04, 2006

Ya win some ya ...wait until tomorrow to win

Many thanks for all the kol ha'kavods on dealing with the landlady and the landlady's lawyer. Here are how things stand so far (we'll see how they still stand on Wednesday...): my rent is not going up, I can pay monthly, and (because the bank wouldn't give it to me til after I sign the contract at any rate) I can wait to extend the bank guarantee until after I sign the contract. She is not fixing anything. Alas. But on the other hand, the shekel to dollar ratio has, of course, changed since I first paid out the rent and if I were to pay the U.S. rate in shekels today my rent actually would go up by about 20 bucks a month compared to where it was --so they are going to divide the amount of shekels I paid last year by 12 and that is what I am paying each month. So I actually do kinda save :)

It is strange that I can go for weeks without having a yell-out with anyone and then will have an entire day of everyone being entirely unreasonable and so yelling and kvetching my lungs out. Today was one of those days. My bank assistant, who is usually all sun-shiny smiles and very nice to me was in a black mood. She did smile nicely at me at the beginning (though I saw her expression between me and the previous customer and knew she was no happy camper). Smiles disappeared nearly instantaneously once she discovered I wanted to do more than just pick up my checks and new credit card. We then had the argument over the bank guarantee which she wouldn't do without the new contract. I was telling her he wouldn't give me the new damn contract without the guarantee. I was obviously sitting here in a catch-22. Her answer: so move to another apartment. So then I called the lawyer sitting right there in front of her and she was saying "no I am not talking to him" but I didn't need her to talk to him I just said look this woman is being unreasonable and refusing to give me the guarantee without the contract...she yelled a few things in my direction that I didn't understand but maybe he did because he backed down and said "he trusted me" to get the guarantee after the contract.

About 2 minutes later while signing all the things I needed to sign to pick up said checks and credit card, the lawyer called back and made the offer of the exchange rate deal. So, since I was sitting right there in the bank I thought I'd better check to make sure he was giving me the straight story and actually offering me something nice (rather than screwing me over and actually making me pay more) and so asked the today-not-nice bank assistant to check the rates for me. This time she was nice and, while he could hear every word she checked for me and lambasted lawyers as crooks, sheisters and worse. She confirmed, however, it was a good deal. When I left the bank she was screaming like a banshee at a co-worker about another co-worker and I'm assuming this other co-worker was why she was not her usually nice self.

So then I had another encounter with a usually nice person who was, uh, not. From the bank I went to the ulpan to sign up for classes. It was afternoon and so there was the usually nice secretary (as opposed to the wicked witch of the west who works in the mornings). She was also not having a good day. At that point, neither was I.

Gila was supposed to be teaching a daled class in the evenings. They scrapped the daled and she is teaching Gimel again. Ok, so yofi, so long as I am in her class I'm happy. But I also want to take a lower level course so I can speak and not be intimidated. Here is where the third yelling match of the day occurred. I tell the secretary I want to take a Bet class also. She tells me no, I'm too advanced. I tell her obviously I'm not too advanced because I can't speak to save my life. She tells me I speak just fine. I argue that no I don't. She argues that yes I do and haven't made a single mistake since I walked through the door. I argue that it is only because I'm having a really bad day and am too upset to think. She says that makes no sense because if I was too upset I'd be making mistakes. I argue that no when I am upset I seem to have no problems but I am usually not upset and so have many problems and so put me in the damn Bet class. Just_write_down_my_name. She argues again that I speak just fine and then says "and anyway the Bet and the Gimmel are at the same time and so you'd have to choose and I won't put you in the Bet."

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Like she couldn't have told me this before. So very carefully and through clenched teeth I tell her fine put me in whatever class meets on the other two evenings of the week (these would, of course, be alephs and aleph pluses). Gasp and shock "Oh mamash lo." Fine. I left with my little gimmel card. Tomorrow in the morning I am going to go in and see the bona-fide wicked witch and get her to sign me up for an aleph plus. HA. I will win, yes I will.


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