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Friday, September 01, 2006

What a day!

I have to much to write about and am so tired! So tomorrow I'll fill everyone in on the big rally held tonight to show support for and to demand the release of our kidnapped soldiers. I'll have a bunch of pictures too if any of them came out. I love my little digital camera but it doesn't deal with night scenes but some of them should have come out (hope hope!). They announced on the stage that there were 50,000 people in attendance --I think it was less than that, more like around 40-45,000 but then again it is hard to tell when you are "in the crowd."

I dealt with students non-stop this morning (am seriously thinking of changing my cell phone number or getting a second cell phone). Then I finally got myself over to the hospital administrative place to pay my 35 shekels to get a copy of the forms that I need to get the form 17 before I get sued. Actually, I am already being sued. To stop the suing process. Heh. Remember waaaaayyy back last October when I broke my collarbone falling down the stairs and had the great medical experience? Then remember when they called me in like March, told me I needed to go get form 17 and left me with a number to call back in case of problems? And then how after hours waiting to get the form I was told I needed additional forms and the number they gave me was bogus and I then spent (quite literally) 3-4 hours a day for nearly a week trying to find out how to get (and what to get) the papers I needed to get the form 17....before finally giving up. I figured they'd call me back. Instead they sent a letter telling me I'm being sued. Happily they also gave information about exactly what I needed and (miracle of miracles!) exactly where to go to get it. Unhappily, they don't actually keep the hours they claim...But today they were where they said they would be, they were nice (yes, actually really quite nice, with each of the 3 people who'd helped me get to the person who really helped me stopping me on my way out, asking was everything ok and wishing me a good week. Made me feel bad for all the evil thoughts I'd sent in their direction on Sunday when I got there and found they'd changed their hours in the week since they'd sent the letter... heh.

Picked up more food for Mitzi. Discovered a new addiction --iced (frozeny) coffee from Aroma Cafe. Then came home and worked some Miss Clairol magic cos I'd been missing Miss Clairol since early June and there ain't nothing worse than a half-blonde. Then to the pre-rally meet-up with some extremely kewl bloggers (more on that tomorrow as well), the rally, and then getting fed an amazing meal in an apartment (of a set of the bloggers) that left my tongue hanging on the ground. I mean people, they even have a dishwasher (meaning they have room for a dishwasher!!)and their apartment is like twice the size of mine, walk-in closet, right close to Dizengoff Center, with a jacuzzi built in, HUGE kitchen, beeeaaauuuutiful (and they have seriously excellent taste with the furnishings) and less than $100 more than what I pay. I have to say though that the people in the apartment were even kewler than the apartment itself.

Me, I came home to find what used to be a newly unwrapped paper towel roll er scattered through my apartment in pieces the size of practically microscopic. (Michie, yes, Matan is indeed the devil himself still! And he now has little assistants --cos trust me this was no one-cat job!)

And finally, in an article reported by YNET several experts who are representatives of armoured vehicle makers took a look at the photos of the supposed hit on the Reuters news van by an Israeli missile and cast their ruling:
experts from Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing and First Defense International Group, both armored vehicle manufacturers, told the Confederate Yankee blog that photographs of the damaged jeep were not consistent with the Reuters claim.
Read the Ynet article here and the Confederate Yankee post here.

And there really is a very good article over on Confederate Yankee looking at Joe Kennedy's relationship with Hitler's Third Reich and his views titled "Not the way we remember it".
More tomorrow with pics!


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