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Friday, September 08, 2006

Thank G-d it is Friday

After an exceptionally bad week, the pinnacle of which was last night (yes the post was deleted --thanks A for the suggestion, though at this point I'm seriously considering other career options at any rate so I'm not sure I care) I had a very nice day. I met with my little cousin for lunch, treating him to the best kosher hummus place in town, which just happens to be down the street from where I live. He's been in ulpan for a month and speaks nearly as well as I do and far more confidently. I've been consoling myself, however, with the fact that he attended an intensive hebrew and jewish studies after-school program for years for modern orthodox kids (since he was 7) and so he does have a bit of an advantage. Still! He is a really neat kid though and very mature for his age and so it was fun to spend time with him.

After he managed to eat more food than I ever imagined a human being could consume (and somehow remain rail thin as he is!) and I ate enough to wish to just be rolled home, I decided that home was not so good if I was going to roll and that maybe a bit of a walk was in order. So we walked down to the beach and then along the tyelet, discussing his plans and future, politics and past, and suddenly lo, there we were nearly to Allenby street. Since I was due to stuff my face at stop #2 of the day in just an hour we parted ways with him going home and me heading to the shuk. I again had an hour to kill and was still in need of the (how is this possible?) elusive brown skirt.

I found the perfect brown skirt in a shop not too far from the shuk but it was also beyond my price range (60 sheks is just criminal I tell you! As an American or any other tourist 60 sheks is simply small change and the extreme deal of the universe--$13.34 cents to be exact in U.S. dollars --especially when it comes to not just a skirt but a skirt that is fully lined. As an Israeli, on an Israeli salary and with an Israeli overdraft it is in the realm of criminality :). I did, however, find a very nice little number that was beige, and beige lined, and _and_ with dark taupe over-lining that ties at the front --thus making a third layer triangle effect(with lace at the bottom) at the shuk for a mere 30 sheks. I bargained and pleaded my way down to 20 sheks, pointing out the small tear in the underlining close to the zipper and the (squint to see) missing stitches close to the tie on the taupe at the waist. I also found a shirt for 3 shekels (66 cents).

I will wear the skirt on sunday to a meeting that I will probably want to rant and rave about but probably will not publicly. I will wear the shirt around and about and especially if I ever find the time to return to salsa classes :)

Then it was on to the second face-stuffing of the day. You really have to love fridays! I had good company. I got to see some folks I didn't expect to see but in December will hopefully be seeing tons and tons of if they get the deal on the apartment and switch towns; I talked knitting, life, the universe and everything else with the hostess (and one of the kewlest folks I've been privileged to know so far here!). Then I really did roll myself home and have been working ever since walking in the door and feeding a horde of hungry cats within and another horde of hungry cats without.

Mitzi, by the way, heard the rattling of food being parcelled out to the others and ran all the way out to the kitchen! She is on a special wet food but I let her have a bit of the kibbles the kittens eat (much tastier than the "old-cat" kibbles Buffy and Mischa theoretically get) since she was so brave. Then I fed her the W/D wet off in the bedroom and had to fight off the kittens who are not brave but bad (BAD, I tell you, having knocked over the sole surviving plant in the apartment today while I was gone)and who want the wet food and any food any other cat might think about eating.


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