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Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Rally for Our Kidnapped Soldiers

Waiting for the rally to beginWaiting for the rally to begin. It started about 45 minutes late. We got there right on time (7:30) and easily made our way to the very front. Hordes of people were hanging out in cafes and such waiting for it to start before coming, however, as when the first speaker, Rabbi Meir Lau (the youngest child survivor of the Buchenwald Concentration camp) began to speak a veritable flood of people began streaming up Ibn Givrol into the Square and packing the broad avenues around it. We at the front were soon packed in like sardines. All the pictures below, save the last were taken prior to the start because I'm short and I was too squished to get good ones during the speeches and the musicians who performed in honour of Gilad, Eldad and Ehud. I should note that Ron Arad was also not forgotten in the calls for the release of the soldiers.
Not forsaking our soldiersNot forsaking our soldiers. Return the boys to our bordersThis little boy holds a sign reading "Return the boys to our borders"Religious and secular united for this causeThe religious and the secular were united for this cause A show of unityWe made our way toward the back of the square as the rally was nearing its end and I took a picture forward of the stage and crowd. A show of unity.


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