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Saturday, September 02, 2006

In the midst of battle, surrounded by terrorists: Video

If you haven't seen this video yet, it is seriously worth a watch. Lisa of On the Face has this 25 minute video of the Nahal brigade as it goes into a village at night and encounters terrorists from Hezbollah there. The journalist who took the video was imbedded with the unit and you can see how difficult the conditions are for the Israeli soldiers --the terrorists are hiding in a house filled with ammunition and explosives and worse, the terrorists are dressed in full Israeli uniforms. As members of the unit go into the house they are unaware that "anyone is home" until they are attacked inside. It is one of the most nerve-wracking 25 minutes I've spent as I was watching this.

If you want to see what our soldiers were facing in Lebanon, watch this video!

(And as Lisa points out, all these are young men in their late 20s and early 30s who are reservists called up from their civilian life --in other words, they are civilians who have been called up in an emergency situation).


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