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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wow, I think I saw a pig fly by

Check this out, did you ever think you'd hear this coming out of a Hamas spokesperson's mouth?
Soul searching in Hamas. Dr Ghazi Hamad, the spokesperson of the Palestinian government, waged scathing criticism against the Palestinian public on Sunday, blaming the Palestinians for turning the Gaza Strip into a lawless and violent place....
He actually comes out and says that "the occupation" isn't responsible for all their problems --well like, yeah dude, Gaza was like unoccupied for a whole year and things were made far worse since we left than when we were occupying there in the months immediately following the pull-out and before you decided to elect terrorists and bring on an embargo of aid. He goes on
"We didn't succeed in preserving the victory of liberating Gaza. 500 people died in the Strip since the withdrawal, as opposed to 3-4 Israelis killed by rockets. The reality in Gaza today is one of neglect, sadness, and failure. When someone errs we are scared to criticize him to avoid being accused of being against the resistance,"

"When efforts are made to open the Rafah border crossing to ease the humanitarian crisis, there is always someone who fires a rocket on the crossing. When we speak about a truce, there is always someone who fires another rocket."...
And a second pig definitely flew by today when Nasrallah admitted that if he'd had any idea about what the Israeli reaction would be he would never have ordered the kidnapping of our two soldiers.

So I've seen two pigs fly by. I'm waiting for the cow with wings ...hmmm think Olmert might oblige by coming out and stating what we already know "I, Ehud Olmert, am an idiot" ? Yeah, I'm greedy, I want a whole zoo full of animals taking to the air.

Oooo flying dog: Al Queda website condemns the "infidel Hizbullah" and "the most corrupted regimes of Syria and Iran."

And the Sandmonkey has spotted a giraffe lifting off of the runway as he reports:
it's not only the sunnis or the christians in the south who are raging at Hezbollah, it's now some of the lebanese Shia clergy are angry as well. Ali Ameen, the mufti of Sour and Jabal Amin has issued declartaions to Al Nahar newspaper, where he critisized Hezbollah calling people who want it to disarm traitors, and is rejecting the idea that they have a monopoly on Lebanon's Shia or that they act based upon their consent.


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