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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wonderful Amazing People!

What have you done?! I am so overwhelmed. There are very few times, as people who know me can attest, that I am just at a complete loss for words. I am at that point now. I cannot express my gratitude and amazement for the generosity of spirit that I have witnessed today within just a few hours of putting up the donation button for help with the critter care. I am just totally at a loss for words with my thanks.

So you want to know what you have done?! I'll tell you exactly what you have done, you wonderful. Awesome. Amazing. People, you.

You have totally covered the vet bills for Mitzi, not just the ones from when I brought her in last week and the medicines that she's needed so far but also the ones that will come due when she goes back in next week for her shots and her follow-up care.
Mitzi daring to come forwardHere is Mitzi coming out of hiding under the desk. She is still extremely shy and frightened but will let me pet her so long as I do not try to pick her up.
Mitzi enjoying her little foodAnd here she is enjoying her little food. You can see how very, very skinny she has gotten since Dov and Chana moved away --and she has already been a week on A/D wet food 4 times a day to boost her weight and immune system --and her lovely, long, fluffy fur is all matted and dull. It will be a bit of time before I will be able to win her trust enough to bathe her but she definitely needs it. The marking on her nose is actually a large scab. The vet thinks that she cut her nose up trying to extricate herself from whatever caught (and cut off) two of her toes from her back foot. I haven't been able to get her to let me take the tape off her front leg from where she had the IV but it is just tape and not covering a wound.Collecting an audienceMitzi (and her food) has drawn quite an audience. The little boys (Matan, the biggest, Arye and Gingi) are quite interested in the newest household addition. I've kept this glass door open for several hours a day so she can come out if she wants but having it open frightens her and makes her go into hiding and it is always closed when I feed her to make her feel safe. With a wild bunch like this wanting to meet her, I don't blame her! One day soon, I hope, she will venture out into the rest of the apartment.

You guys have not just helped Mitzi though. You have also covered the cost of the de-worming that Marzipan has just had, plus his tests for FIV and FLV, plus kitten shots and then booster that will begin in about 2 weeks, plus his neutering! Little Marzipan was nearly squish beneath a bulldozer at the construction zone two doors down (twas a very close call!) and spent only a couple of weeks with me but now he has a wonderful home with Noorster --an awesome olah chaddasha with a very big heart for little fluffy critters. (As a good rescuer I, of course, promised his basic care of spaying and kitten shots and if you've heard about where this poor child works you know that taking him in isn't an easy thing on her budget!)

Not only that and that is more than enough. You guys have also covered the cost of food for the outside kitties for a whole month and maybe a bit more!

Awesome, wonderful, kind, generous people. My heart is so full and my words are so inadequate in thanking you. But thank you. Thank you again.


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