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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Whew close call for Tel Aviv

We nearly got bombed today in Tel Aviv. Thankfully the news tonight is how we didn't get bombed. Hezbollah sent a drone on a direct line to Tel Aviv and it was filled with all kinds of horrible explosive pieces parts that would have caused a lot of damage. But our military was on the ball. They were able to shoot it out of the sky just before it flew over the coast by Haifa and it fell harmlessly into the sea. Good shooting boys and girls! Thank you. Really and truely thank you. My cats, who are not in their carriers and me, not having to think about how many seconds it is taking to get them into their carriers, thank you from the bottom of our little hearts. I sent 4 pizzas to our troops which was all I could afford (ok, more than I could afford but if I can feed about 40 cats I can sure as hell feed 40 of our soldiers some pizza when they may have saved my life and the life of the 40 cats in my apartment and around my apartment building).

We are safe and sound here in Tel Aviv at the moment. Our boys and girls in uniform are on the alert.

(And yes there is a lot of air activity. IDF says it is normal military activity. My take is that it is, indeed normal flight activity --for situations when rocket things are being sent at the center of the country. Yep. I'm not too far from where these things take off, land, and so forth and there are a whole lot more of them and they are a whole lot lower. The noise doesn't bug me. On the contrary, makes me feel more secure!)


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