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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Very nice article

A new blog, Insert Clever Reference has an excellent article up titled "Trouble in Reuters-ville" examining the reports on the recent war in Lebanon by the media and takes an in-depth look at the reporting of one Reuters journalist in particular. The article starts off
Apparently, journalism schools in the UK teach differently than their other Western counterparts. It seems their classes on propaganda are not so much about its role in past history, but its role in the present. And their lectures not so much cautionary tales as 'how-to' seminars.

The editors at Reuters must have done very well at University, indeed. They have selected material not only from their best propaganda photographers, but also from their diverse "freelance" writing staff to bring about a "unique" view of the world.
It is a truly excellent piece and well worth a read.
For instance, ICR examines one of the articles written by this journalist and notes "This one is rather amazing to read. You can read it here. Ms. Noueihed goes on for three pages about Israeli attacks and the UN and blah blah for three pages before giving one line of coverage to the attacks of the day by Hezbollah, "Hezbollah launched rocket attacks on Haifa on Sunday, killing eight people in its deadliest strike on Israel." One line.

Not to be diverted from her stream of thought, Ms. Noueihed then writes, "Israel's campaign in Lebanon followed the launch of its offensive in the Gaza Strip on June 28 to try to retrieve another captured soldier and halt Palestinian rocket fire." What kind of revisionist history is this? Israel's "campaign in Lebanon" followed a cross-border incursion, the killing of six Israeli soldiers and the taking of two hostages; having nothing to do with Gaza. While they followed chronologically, it's like saying "The United States invasion of Japan followed its succession from England.""

My favourite part: Actually hrm I can't decide cos it is all good!
Go read :)


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