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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Treated like dirt: Israeli Arabs back away from Palestinians

Two separate conversations I had today mirrored the sentiments expressed in a YNET article that came out today and so I'm thinking this really must have been an overwhelming experience for many Arab-Israelis and with a spreading effect. When the bombs began falling on Haifa and points northward, many Arab-Israelis heeded Nasrallah's suggestion that they should get out and away. Because many have family in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem those destinations became popular with our fleeing arab citizens. It seems they did not, however, receive a warm welcome and that quite a significant part of our Arab population are quite het up about it. Many found themselves physically attacked by Palestinian residents, others were threatened, insults were hurled at the girls and women, they were over-charged for everything from bottled water to hotel rooms.

And many decided the rockets might be dangerous but they were better than the treatment they were receiving in the West Bank and so returned home. Their ill-treatment at the hands of Palestinians may well leave lasting scars. This was a sentiment echoed by many: "'We will never again make a donation or participate in a demonstration for the West Bank from now on."

Meanwhile, the widow of Arafat has married the brother-in-law of the Tunisian President. Suha Arafat is given 22 million dollars a year from the secret fund of the Palestinian Authority. This fund is reported to be approximately four (4) billion dollars. So, why is it again that the Palestinians have been given yearly more monetary support from governments world-wide than all the other nations-in-crises combined? I mean, geez, if you can afford to give 11 million dollars to cover one person's life-style for half-a-year in Paris every 6 months you'd think you could get along quite nicely...


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