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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Top BBC reporter caught in blatant lie in Lebanon reporting

You can see the video report by Orla Guerin over at Little Green Footballs. In her report she states "I havent seen a single building that isn't damaged in some way. Many have been flattened, many have been singed. This town has really been wiped out."

Channel 4 news was also covering the same scene and reporter Alex Thomas's coverage stated, "As you can see, the centre of the town destroyed on a really wholesale scale, more so than since the last civilians left here, though it has to be said that on the outskirts, the suburbs -- pretty much untouched by the Israeli attack and invasion."

You can read about an exchange, showing where her bias may be coming from, that she had with a reporter from the New York Sun in Jerusalem a while back here. Yeah, that's right Orla, us Jews "are all the same," we're all "troublemakers." Nice call there.

There are loads of funky photos that have now been identified coming out of the coverage in Lebanon. You can see Herbie Reads the Koran and Herbie Not Fully Exploded here. There are so many photos that it is impossible to keep track of them all. What I want to do is to create a webpage where all of the proven-to-be-faked or falsely captioned photos (as admitted by the media) are placed, and then are followed by all of the other highly suspect photos so that they are all in one place. There are two reasons for this (well probably more but I haven't had enough coffee yet to corral them all): first, because many people seem to think that it was just Hajj who took funky photos, and two because while Reuters has come out and admitted that Hajj's photos and some of their captions provided by other photographers were misleading, AP and other news agencies have circled the wagons and denied that anything is amiss. So let's round them up all in one place, with the photographer each was taken by, the news agency each worked for, and the venue in which it was published and see. This is a big project and not one I can take on myself entirely. Are there any volunteers to help round up and present the photos? I'm going to create a blog for them today and if you email me (yaeli dot kaynan at gmail dot com) to get onboard I'll give ya the keys to the blog and you can get to the round-up. Let's herd some photos!


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