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Friday, August 18, 2006

To the International Community: Sorry Guys You are Too Late

So says the folks at the Lebanese Politcal Journal in an extremely insightful analysis of what is going on in Lebanon currently. They note that
Hezbollah's already retaken all of their old sites, and they've probably already found new and better sites for the next attack.

Does Israel have anyone on the ground or in the sky monitoring what Hezbollah is doing right now? Probably not. Israeli PM Olmert and Defense Minister Peretz have already proven their incompetence. Thinking ahead is way beyond their capabilities.

Have to agree with you there guys, along with much of the rest of the analysis they provide (very worth a read).

What I want to know is if the International Community has managed to get exactly what they wanted for the present and the future. Let's take France. France has been cozying up to Iran quite a lot lately. And if you remember my post here about the Red Cross openly helping Hezbollah back on August 10th, the statement that jumped out at me in that article at the time was that of a Hezbollah man: “This comes from Iran but maybe after a while, the next shipment will come from France,” the man said, a slight but knowing smile spreading.

So we have France who jumps up and down screaming for an immediate ceasefire along with a lot of other people. France cobbles together a UN Resolution that does everything to keep Hezbollah armed and dangerous and nothing to disarm it. They claim they will lead the charge with UN Forces that are supposed to go in --and then say no we might send 12 advisors, oops there's an outcry, ok 200 soldiers, ooops people are still yelling at us. Ok, 400 soldiers and that's our final offer. And of course no one will disarm Hezbollah. They are thus singlehandedly endangering even the totally useless UN Resolution that THEY CREATED.

Then we had Condi Rice here right after the Qana incident running around crying we have to work out an immediate ceasefire. At that point she and the Bush administration put a lot of pressure for greater restraint to be used. And a lot of Olmerts squirrel activity was the result of calls from Rice saying ''Oooo wait there might be a ceasefire deal at any minute." And then the U.S. caved in to the UN deal which really left us no options but to agree to it even though it may well place Hezbollah in a position of greater strength than ever. And it has certainly emboldened the radical groups in the Palestinian Territories.

Check this out from Al-Aqsa "They [Israel] threatened to demolish Gaza and Lebanon and we saw that wasn't so terrible. The question is if we, the Palestinian organizations, can withstand the initial fire of Israel. If we succeed in prevent collapsing after the first hit – there is a chance we will win." They go further to note that they have learned a lot from Hezbollah's tactics and will begin building bunkers in their cities from which to strike and so forth. And they, along with everyone in the Middle East if not in the "wise International Community" believe that there will be a next time:
"From our acquaintance with them, there is no way they are going to disarm. The organization has strategic objectives and the current battle proves that if it will decide to initiate another battle – the road is paved. The next time Iran will be in the picture and missiles on Tel Aviv will be part of the game. When this happens, it will be a lot easier for us. We are proud of our brothers, the Hizbullah fighters. They are inspirational teachers that demonstrated everything we have been feeling in recent years – Israel is falling apart," he said.


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