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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tel Aviv on heightened alert

Hadera is just up the road from us. Not very far at all from where I sit. So now, as a result of the bombs that fell there today, we here in Tel Aviv have been put on heightened alert.
Following Friday night's rocket attack on the Hadera area, Colonel Yechiel Kuperstein, head of the Home Front Command's defense department, told Ynet that the new procedures issued for residents south of Haifa apply to all residents on Israel's coastline plane, including Tel Aviv.

So this is the deal. If the siren sounds we should have one minute to get somewhere as close to safe as possible. If you are in a new building then you have a bomb shelter inside your apartment --every individual apartment unit has its own if it was built after like 1980 something. If you are in an old building, like mine, you should get to the basement or the stairwell. Except in my building there is a nice big glass skylight above our stairwell and if you peer over the edge of the stairs from outside my apartment you can see all the way down to the ground floor. So the stairwell is definitely not a good bet. Of course, neither is my apartment: top floor, no rooms without nearly wall-to-wall windows. The cats and I will definitely make a dash down those stairs toward the basement.

If you are outside or away from home you should get in a building with a stairwell and lie down flat if possible. If you can't get inside, press yourself against the nearest wall and lie down flat. If you are driving get out of your car and away from the vehicle and lie down in the safest spot you can spot.

Stay there for at least 15 minutes after the siren sounds. If you hear bombs landing do not go out to see where they hit even after several minutes have passed of quiet: they often shoot several volleys (says a friend from up north who is intimately acquainted with these bombs by now).


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