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Monday, August 21, 2006

Stratfor : the best place to get unbiased world news

Never heard of Stratfor before? Until a couple of weeks ago, neither had I. The analyses of the situation here in the Middle East that they've put out has been right on the money and takes neither a pro nor anti Israeli (or anyone else) slant. When they note that they provide "predictive, insightful global intelligence" they really mean it.

The Stratfor center is located in Austin, Texas my own hometown in the States and they've got some of the best intelligence experts working for them from around the world. While they don't cover local news, they certainly do a bang-up job on everything with international implications for business, security, and politics. They offer free reports that are extremely useful and can be downloaded off their site. You can also join for access to all their analyses as they come out and their discussion forums for $100 a year --that sounds like a lot but is actually less than the cost of subscriptions to local newspapers for a year --and they do a much better job at presenting and analyzing what is going on than the mainstream media does (in fact, the MSM relies on them quite a lot for information). I'm sounding like a paid advertisment here (sorry, sorry) but that's because I've been sold after checking out their stuff.

You can get a really fantastic report titled Hezbollah and Iran: Security Risks Beyond the Middle East for free here. One of the most useful parts of this that I found was their information on the structure of Hezbollah and particularly on "Where Hezbollah has illicit business interests, and how this impacts its capabilities in conducting terrorist attacks." They give a really good analyses on how and why the events unfolding in Lebanon are raising security risks around the world.


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