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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Qana- the casualties that weren't? Evidence mounts that the events at Qana were staged

*****There have been numerous updates and additional information provided since this post was written. Since I get more than 350 unique hits on this post per day it is worthwhile to say please be aware of the updates with a great deal more information. Most recently is the post on August 11th, Qana Staged: A Smoking Gun and Green Helmet *****

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Evidence is mounting that the events at Qana were staged by Hezbollah. There is no doubt that there were corpses on the scene at Qana. The doubts are rising, however, about where those deaths occurred and when. Questions also arise about how,when, and why that building collapsed --there are numerous questions along these lines. But let's take things, and the evidence, one by one.

First: The Number of the dead. The Red Cross published that 27 corpses were evacuated from Qana, 19 of which were children. The report clashes with the Lebanese report that 57 (58, 60 variably) people were killed.

Second: Refridgerated trucks arrived in Qana that morning from Tyre, prior to any rescue efforts taking place and while journalists were kept at bay from the scene. As The Riehl World blog reports, a full day before an air strike in Qana currently making headlines around the world, the Mayor of Tyre prepared a mass grave for 32 bodies killed in the area during the course of the recent conflict. Red Cross reports from the scene in Qana indicated only 27 bodies. Ironically enough, if you add 32 and 27 you arrive at right about the number of Qana dead reported by the press.

Third: That might account for the rigor mortis of many of the corpses. According to the timing of maximum stiffness at about 12-24 hours after death. According to the time stamps these people were supposed to have died within one hour of these photos being taken. To see pictures of the corpses at Qana exhibiting signs of extreme rigor mortis pop over here. You can also see at this link pictures of bodies at Qana that show actual signs of decomposition compatible with being dead for more than 24 hours, not one hour and not 8 hours later (if you buy that the building collapsed immediately after it was struck by the rocket at midnight and no rescue efforts were made until the next day and only after the press had been fully assembled).

Fourth: Photographs of the same man, in different attire, carrying the same corpse of a child from the rubble --over and over again over a 6 + hour period. Interestingly, this same man was caught on camera carrying casualties in Tyre the day before (he sure manages to get around doesn't he?) [pictures available of this man in Tyre at link above]:
Victim with picture taken by AP 721 am Child victim with picture taken by AP 721 amSame victim with picture taken by AP 1025 am (different photographer) Same victim with picture taken by AP 1025 am (different photographer)Same victim, same guy carrying her but now with jacket and hat  taken by 3rd  AP photographer 1245 pm Same victim, same guy carrying her but now with jacket and hat taken by 3rd AP photographer 1245 pm (I've posted only 3 pics of this same guy carrying this same unfortunate child but there are more at the link above taken by yet more reporters at yet more times and with him having various articles of clothing present or not and her having her shirt pulled up and pulled down)

This guy definitely got around this site too: for more pictures of this guy in various stages of undress carrying more of the exact same corpses repeatedly through-out the day, check out this post.

Fifth: How is it that only a couple of the corpses carried from this collapsed building has any dust on them while the others are a)pristinely clean of all dust, b)not bleeding from any obvious wounds, c) and certainly not mangled or crushed in any way? As anyone who saw the twin towers come down in New York City knows, when buildings collapse there is a heck of a lot of dust and it covers everything. The twin towers were mighty big and they created a whole lot of dust, but even small buildings that collapse create a whole lotta dust --as is clearly evident here. But the 'victims' of Qana are not covered in dust -nor are any of those who supposedly dug through the rubble and debris to pull them out. Again, check out this post for further confirmation.

Sixth: If the building collapsed (either immediately or 8 hours later) after being hit by a missile, why was the roof of this building wholly intact, as CNN's Ben Wedeman noted?

There are more questions surrounding this but these are the major questions being asked, and for which evidence is available.

**Update --Seventh: Oh yeah, how on earth did these guys manage to get this huge, professionally-done banner created just a few hours after word got out that a whole lotta people had been killed in Qana --30 ft tall banner of Rice with text condeming events at Qana -unfurled just a few hours after the building in Qana collapsed?30 ft tall banner of Rice with text condeming events at Qana -unfurled just a few hours after the building in Qana collapsed?

***update: The same guy seen above in the black t-shirt in one picture and in later pictures in the orange vest with green hat was not only present in Qana the other day, and in Tyre two days ago, but alo at the tragic events in Qana in 1996. (Thank you Nominally Challenged)

****4th Update: A. If you visited EU Referendum's blog you saw the numerous pictures of the infant that was covered in dust and seems (to me at least) to have been legitmately extracted from a collapsed building. What I do find interesting, though, is that in the photos, such as this published picture by a Reuters photographer, the infant has around its neck a pacifier that is so clean and uncovered by dust it stands out in stark contrast to the child's dust-coated body.

B. From Israel Insider
There was little blood, CNN's Wedeman noted: all the victims, he concluded, appeared to have died while as they were sleeping -- sleeping, apparently, through thunderous Israeli air attacks. Rescue workers equipped with cameras were removing the bodies from the same opening in the collapsed structure. Journalists were not allowed near the collapsed building.
Rescue workers filmed as they went carried the victims on the stretchers, occasionally flipping up the blankets so that cameras could show the faces and bodies of the dead.

See my next and more recent post for video comparing victim (and one of his rescuers) being pulled from an apartment building hit by a missile in Haifa --check out that dust...
[The questions and evidence above are, obviously, collated from a variety of sites and sources of information]


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