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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Photos of the Chatulim Brigade doing an Air Raid Drill

Note, the scene you are about to see is staged. These are not pictures of an actual air raid siren drill in my apartment for the very simple reason that...I didn't have enough hands to take the pictures while doing the drill. So you will get a semi drill (e.g. step 1, stop, pick up camera, take picture, step 2..)
Here we are pre-drill with everything waiting by the door at the ready. (I should note that the top carrier frequently gets knocked down and not by me, with much accompanying noise because the little ones have figured out that the ziplock container -er contains food--and they try to get to it)
Here is a close-up up the container. Notice the fantastic little tab on the lid for easy bit and rip-off ability.
Here are the youngest members of the Chatulim Brigade. They are very intent on their (eating) duties. You will notice that one soldier is missing. Matan has indeed gone AWOL --he seemed to think my reaching for the camera to get the "first ever" shot of Soldier Buffy (below) as a sign that he could leave early for his Shabbat leave.

Here is the most astonishing occurance: the conscientious objector decided to drop her objections and take part in basic training voluntarily! In fact, she shot into the carrier just behind Arie, Gingi and Matan rushing into the other. Surprised, I did not lock the door behind Matan and he...yep AWOL he went. Mischa, seeing Buffy in the carrier obviously decided that such an anomoly signalled RETREAT and retreat he did.

And this picture is just too darn cute not to include.

Hezbollah clearly you've got no chance against these ferocious troops. Give it up now.


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