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Monday, August 14, 2006

A personal and news mix plus last will and testament

I just heard a bit ago that two Fox journalists have been kidnapped by armed gunmen in Gaza. One of the journalists is Steve Centanni and another is an Australian camera man. I'm really hoping they are released soon and safely.

FOX on tv at the moment is covering the faked photos that came out of Lebanon. Very kewl.

If I die tomorrow my life may be pretty close to being complete because I got linked by Little Green Footballs. Thud. When linked by people you consider among your personal heroes that is a WOW experience.

Speaking of dying tomorrow the following is my last wishes in case I croak within the next 20 plus years. No, I am not posting it because of fears a rocket will fall on me, nor because of the suicide bombers that like to hang out in my neighborhood. Nope, nope, nope. It is definitely the result of the second close call in three days from inattentive Israeli drivers. On Saturday I nearly got creamed by a guy who didn't notice the light had turned red. Today, just down the street, I nearly got creamed. The car at the light attentively and politely stopped, I started my happy little crossing to meet my student at the cafe on the other side, but the car behind Ms. Polite slammed into her thus making her nearly slam-kill me. I actually got hit and knocked about 3 feet. I got a big bruise but nothing else. Lucky me. I figure putting this really publicly is better than getting a lawyer I can't afford (any time soon) so here is the deal if I get whacked off in any form or fashion:
I want a proper funeral for a nice socialist zionist girl. This means I want it on a kibbutz without any religious mumbo jumbo, but of course in the jewish section. I want a proper Ha'shomer Hatzair/Dror kinda affair. Someone --yo all you people I know here any or all of you will do --gets to a) feed my cats before the family arrives to care for them, b) tell the family they better get over here before I get buried cos we get buried real quick (heh) c) do the hebrew speak to whoever it is you tell this to that I wanna blue rather than a white shroud and if it is allowed I'd like our flag to be kinda wrapped around me all the way up to the point where I get buried but, of course, don't bury the flag. Family gets first dibs on my totally useless stuff but my mother is not allowed to keep everything I've ever touched, doodled on, and so forth --someone control her please :) --and dvds, books and such you all get to divvy up. Then I want you all to throw a big party, play some Sarit Hadad, Tipex, and whoever else floats your boat, and celebrate your life, celebrate my life. It has been darn good and, if you are gonna get run over by any crazy driver this is the best country to get run over in :)

Updates coming in a bit cos there are some very kewl links to some very interesting posts I came across but first I have to eat something.

P.S. After nearly getting killed to get to my meeting, the student was a no-show!


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