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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Olmert is weak and an indecisive idiot

That seems to be what just about everyone on the left is saying --just imagine what the right, and the right religious will be saying (the latter once they get back to their computers tomorrow with shabbat over). Rinat who is definitely leftier than me says he is a weak, indecisive leader and she is ashamed to have him as a prime minister. Live from an Israeli bunker echoes my thoughts from the other day but says it and much more much better. The folks over at Neither here Nor There feel sure that we will be doing the election thing again this year and note that Olmert and company might want to take a little trip: "I and many like us would be happy to pay for air fare. One way naturally."

The only person I've been able to find that is happy about the agreeing to a "let's go back to square one and have another war once Hezbollah has had a chance to rearm with much bigger and nastier weapons in a just a few years" UN resolution and our prime minister who has acted more like a squirrel trying to cross a street with a car coming along at it (forward, no back, no forward no....!!!!!!) is Stefanella.

And it seems that the UN and Olmert have all forgotten 2 very important things: Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

And thanks to the U.N. Lebanon is going to get to play host to Hezbollah for who-knows-how-long. Lebanon will get pushed around and in essence taken over once again by Syria and with added influence by Iran. We have two countries with a massive amount of damage, not to mention loss of life, nothing to show for it and nothing good likely to come out of it because Hezbollah, Syria and Iran will start this all over again in the future. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

****The folks over at Ouwet Front who are very smart cookies have just made me feel a bit better about the outlook in general (though not about Mr. Squirrel). They seem to think that Hezbollah has come out the biggest loser and that "Lebanon and Israel won equally." However, they seem to think we've (Israel) pretty much wiped out Hezbollah whereas from all the information I've heard it would take another 3 weeks of fighting for that to happen. Still they point to some other things that indicate some advances for the Lebanese people and for Israel. Worth a read.


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