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Friday, August 11, 2006

Olmert is an idiot

That is my feeling at the moment. It is subject to change. It may well change. At the moment though, I feel like Olmert is a total imbecile. If we were going to go in, we should have really gone in. Ground troops should have gone in sooner, there should have been more air support all along. Olmert has been putting troops in and pulling them back out and then putting them back in...we have a lot of firepower but we've sent our kids in there again and again with insufficient back-up.

What the hell is this thing with Olmert not "allowing" Livni to go to the U.N. meeting? What personal political bullshit is he pulling (and this is definitely personal --welcome to Israeli politics). Livni shoots straight from the hip, whether you agree with what she is saying or not, you can't argue that she doesn't play it straight. Olmert is the epitome of wishy washy.

I no longer (again subject to change should events change) support the whole "convergence" deal. I voted for it. Was a huge proponent of it. Was extremely happy about it. But. The only border we aren't being attacked from is the border that we are still "occupying". We have been attacked repeated from Gaza. We are no longer in Gaza. Haven't been in Gaza for a year now. Yet, from days after we pulled out and de-occupied we have been attacked from there. We are attacked repeatedly from Lebanon. We haven't been in Lebanon in 6 years. No occupation. Yet attacks. So tell me, Olmert, why should we pull out of the west bank again....?

And if Olmert agrees to a U.N. resolution cease fire thing based on a Chapter 6 I will be out demonstrating on the streets calling for a new election immediately. I feel like this and I'm a Labour voter for G-d's sake. I talked with a couple of friends who voted Meretz in the last election and they are spitting nails. Dude when even Meretz voters are saying no cease fire unless it is based on a Chapter 7 you better perk up your ears!


At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Olmert is right on what he did, send in massive aerial bombardment, later onwards sent in ground forces.

Well, he should have sent in a massive amount of ground troops touching the outskirts of South Lebanon. - and let the Hizbullah forces massively rocket ur stupid ground troops. and slaughter ur commandos.

Behold, Yael is not a jew, she proclaims she is one but she goes against the true teachings of the torah by going to Israel.


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