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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oh no, say it ain't so

There is going to be heck of a wedding celebration and it is going to be in my neighborhood. 40 couples from the north whose weddings would otherwise be cancelled by the war are getting hitched in a mass wedding ceremony just down the street from me. Each couple is limited to inviting 100 people. Someone correct my math if I am wrong but does this not add up to like 4,000 people who are going to be descending (driving, honking, walking, yelling, calling, celebrating) on my street? The director of this thing (yeah there will be film crews there too) has promised the couples that there will be quiet areas for their guests to hang out in. With 4,000 guests there isn't going to be a quiet corner in a 10-block radius!

Ahem, mazel tov.


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