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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh dear oh dear, fake news reports from Gaza

Here's a heads' up *folks in Gaza, the West Bank, and Hezbollah (the latter for the next time you attack and cause a war): bloggers are on to you. This means that, while the Mainstream Media (MSM) might be more than willing to publish and hawk your fake stories, you will be caught out. And here's a further heads up to both you and the MSM: more people are finding out about the fakery through the blogs that then "go viral" than see the original reports by the MSM. So you will be caught in lies. And the more you lie the more people will not believe you when you tell the truth. People are already thinking of you as the "little boy who called wolf."

The latest lie: Israelis hit a (clearly marked --thus on purpose) reuters news van with two missiles and injured the two news members.

How do we know this is a lie? Well Allah, Little Green Footballs, Jawa, Powerline and others are all over this story --and when they get their teeth into something they can bite on, believe me it is a story (or lie) worth biting. To get some confirmation that this is a lie being pablum fed to the unwary, check out the pictures and the reports on the (false) claimshere here and here and here and here and...yes there are more.

Oh and LFG has discovered that the only picture that has been pulled from the official Red Cross Site is the high resolution picture of the ambulance that theoretically was hit by an israeli missile in Lebanon: but they are a bit too late to attempt a cover-up because we already know from Zombietime's extensive report that this too was a staged event that did not happen. And LGF, at the link above, was astute enough to have saved a copy of the high res photo so it can still be viewed and conclusions drawn.

So the message to Pallywood, Hezbollywood, and the MSM that promotes them is this: either get a whole lot slicker with your lies or just don't tell them. Me, I'm voting for the latter but hey...

*Obviously I'm not talking to the average citizen in Gaza and the West Bank for they are as much victims of these shenanigans as the other viewers around the world. And in fact, they are much greater victims of it, for they believe these reports and this fuels their anger, discontent, sense of victimhood, and makes them ripe fodder for the extremist elements.


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