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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not blaming the journalists

I should make clear that I am in no way blaming the journalists who covered Qana or accusing them of being in cahoots to create a media story. I think the photo-journalists who were on the scene were doing their jobs and taking pictures of what was presented in front of them. I don't think they were bothering to check with one another --hey did you by chance take a picture of that same rescuer with the same body passing by an hour or two ago? If I arrived on the scene with my camera at the ready I would be quickly snapping away at whatever was in front of me. It would not enter my mind that what was in front of me might have been in front of a colleague at an alternate time of the day. It would not enter my mind that what I was seeing may or may not be reality. I wouldn't be questioning. I'd simply be snapping away. I'd be getting the story as it appeared before me.

The journalists have done nothing wrong here. They were just doing their jobs. The news agencies do need to make further clarifications not to "clear" their reporters --but to explain what it was that was presented to their reporters. The news event their reporters were covering is filled with dubious and contradictory information. They don't need to question their reporters as to their veracity, but now that the dust has settled they do need to take a look back and clarify what they can of what they captured on film and what they witnessed.


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