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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Missile attack on haifa. Dust. Compare for yourself

Below is a home video of a missile falling on an apartment building in Haifa. Notice all the dust. Notice the guy that is being taken from the destroyed apartment building on a stretcher--he is covered in the white dust caused by the collapse of walls and ceiling around him. Notice the rescuer's arms --the guy who is strapping him onto the gurney outside the building in order to pass him on down toward street level--his arms have already gotten a good coating of white dust just from handling the straps to tie the guy down on the stretcher. Now compare this victim and this rescuer to the pictures of those taken from the collapsed building in Qana in my previous post:

moments from the attack on haifa
take by Israel Glaser & Omer Zengut
from Bat-Galim Haifa

(To get a really good view of the dust on the rescuer's arms, you may need to view the original larger version of this video overhere on google as it is difficult to see on the smaller version loaded on my blog)

Also: the mystery man in the green helmet has a name, Allison reports --and his appearance on some video was analysed by a native arabic speaker.


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