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Friday, August 11, 2006

Meet the first ever Socialist Republican

Hi, how you are doing. Yes, that would be me: A Socialist Republican.

I used to be a socialist and a democrat. In fact, I was about as dyed in the wool life-long democrat as you would ever find. I wasn't a centrist democrat either. Nope, I was as lefty left as you could get. And I wasn't quiet about it. Nope, I actively worked on campaigns for Democrats, I marched, I protested, I held signs, I wrote letters. But slowly I began to become alienated from the Left as the movement began itself to change. Or maybe it didn't really change and I just began to see it differently and to start researching things more thoroughly when the Left took issue with an issue near and dear(obviously --duh look where I live) to my heart and I intimately knew that the "facts" the Left relies on were wrong and misrepresented. A little bit more than a year ago, in July, I met with another woman who was to be moving here a few weeks after I myself made the move. She is an artist, still has the distinctive "I was a hippy activist" air about her, and very left and liberal views. We had a very interesting conversation and I blogged about it on July 1, 2005:
Making aliya gives you something in common to talk about but I had no idea just how much in common we shared. We are both very liberal left-leaning kinda gals and one of the most interesting components of our conversation was sharing our shock and disbelief (leading to a sense of disillusionment and alienation) at the position taken by the left in general and our many left-leaning friends in particular on the whole Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Shoshanna made a very interesting point, as we were discussing how it could be that these normally intelligent and informed people had come to have such slanted views that are not based on actual facts. Indeed, they have no real knowledge or understanding of the hard facts --I'm not talking about anything that is open to interpretation here. I often want to scream "look people, go and read the U.N. resolution, the newspaper articles (on both sides) etc that were written at the time and before Israel was declared a nation." Rather they spout off various revisionist-versions and often have absolutely no clue of even the most basic facts(for instance, we both know very educated people who are convinced that the Palestinians actually had an official world-recognized country right where Israel is sitting and that their country was taken away by force). Well to get back to her interesting point...[if you are interested you can read her interesting point back in the July 2005 archive]

Since moving here, I've really become estranged from the Left as it exists outside of Israel. I've joked with friends that I've become the first socialist republican ever. And it really is true.

Nonetheless, I was extremely (like way more than extremely) shocked to see this footage of supporters close in the ranks of Democratic candidate in Georgia Cynthia McKinney hurling anti-semitic remarks: See the video of it here


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