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Sunday, August 13, 2006

LIVNI for Prime Minister!!!!!!

Yo folks, I think it is time we start the Livni for Prime Minister campaign.

The woman is smart, she is articulate, she shoots straight from the hip, she is the closest thing we've ever had to a Golda Meir. Maybe the most important thing about her is that other countries REALLY LIKE HER. They find her appealing and persuasive. They like her style and don't take offense at her straight-forward manner. Maybe that is because while she is straight-forward she actually also has manners. She knows how to lay out information to the non-Israeli (e.g. the people in the rest of the world who find a blunt stating to facts to indicate rudeness and arrogance) public as well as to us, knowing how to call a spade a spade in the bluntest language of the big boys.

She was an officer in the IDF and she was in the Mossad. She knows whats what!

Olmert hates her because she shows "independence." He didn't want her heading off to the UN because, for one thing, people tend to LISTEN to her and RESPECT her and that is just way too much competition.

Even people outside of Israel are saying, yo Livni should be the top dog and Olmert relegated to the doghouse. This blogger from Egypt says
"I like her. She is cute, She is smart, and Olmert dislikes her, which gives her total "Not retarded" points right about now. Hell, it seems like she was the only one who took sane and logical measures those past few weeks ...
Plus, she is a woman. Israel does really well under female leadership. It did well under Golda, and ever since Golda was no longer in power it has been acting really stupid. Maybe what Israel needs is another female leader.

For all of those reasons, this blog supports Livni for PM of Israel. I am not isreali, and I can't really affect things either way, but seriously, can you think of someone better or smarter at this point from both the israeli or arab perspective? "

Other Israeli bloggers blogging for Livni: Lena
Yeah, Livni for PM. LIVNI FOR PM!!!


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