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Friday, August 25, 2006

Lebanese threatened by Hezbollah seek refuge in Israel

According to an article on YNET Eight family members from Lebanon, former members of the Southern Lebanese Army , arrived Thursday afternoon within 10 meters of the border next to Metula and requested IDF authorization to enter into Israel following Hizbullah threats to cause them physical harm. It turns out that this is a real phenomenon in which Hizbullah members threaten family members of former SLA members.

There are already about 2,500 Lebanese living in Israel and who have been granted Israeli citizenship after they were forced to flee Lebanon when Hezbollah issued death threats against their families over the past years.

In other news, Israelis are united in singing the sentiment "hey hey, ho ho, Olmert and Peretz have got to go." From the left, right, and center Israelis want the current government OUT. Fully 63% want Olmert gone and 74% want Peretz out of his current ministerial position as head of the Defense portfolio (like anybody thought he should be in that position to begin with).


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