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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lebanese govt helpless in the face of Nasrallah, Annan tranq'd out

Well here's the big surprise (NOT): Nasrallah is refusing to disarm Hezbollah and the members of the Lebanese government are saying they can't do anything about it and are wringing their hands. The guys over at Ouwet Front sum up what the thinking people in Lebanon are thinking at the moment in this well titled post: Nasrallah --Fuck Off!!

The Lebanese Bloggers (another great website if you aren't already reading it) echo that sentiment a bit more politely but the sentiment is certainly the same. The guys and gals over at The Lebanese Political Journal are mourning the situation in a post entitled" "I Was Wrong: Hezbollah is Much More Powerful Than I Ever Imagined" And there is an excellent post that gets highest recommendation for reading over on Free Cedar that calls for some critical self-examination in Lebanon and it is one of the most thoughtful posts I've ever read.

Does the Lebanese government saying they can't do anything about Hezbollah and wringing their hands sound familiar? It should, they've been doing it for the last six years. To give them credit, however, they really don't have a hell of a lot of power to actually disarm Hezbollah and Kofi Annan and his little UN resolution made damn sure that they won't have that power. In fact, Annan is now re-interpreting clauses of the ceasefire to make them even more ineffectual than they already were. I mean, heck, being 95% ineffectual just won't do, gotta make sure it is 100%.

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