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Saturday, August 05, 2006

IAF did not strike in villages of Taibeh, Aita al-Shaab

Breaking news:

IDF: IAF did not strike in villages of Taibeh, Aita al-Shaab

The Israel Defense Forces responded to publications according to which the Israel Air Force bombed buildings in the villages of Taibeh and Aita al-Shaab in southern Lebanon, saying that no strikes were carried out in those areas.

News agencies reported Friday afternoon that buildings collapsed during IAF strikes in the two villages, and that 57 people were buried under the rubble.

So did buildings collapse there? Why did buildings collapse there if so? And what is up with this number 57? Reports earlier this evening said the Lebanese were saying there were 57 people trapped in the rubble. They were claiming 57 people in Qana. Is there something special about this number? Can we at least get a bit more creative with the numbers folks. I know that some bizarre coincidences can occur but this would be a little too bizarre.


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