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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fishier and Fishier Fotos out of Lebanon

It is looking very much like a stringer for Reuters has doctored at least one photograph that has hit a news source near you. Little Green Footballs has an excellent expose on this, showing quite clearly that this particular photo had a major make-over in Photoshop to make the scene look much worse than the reality. Here's the photo and I'll give a brief breakdown of what has been discovered about this photo below it, though you should check out Little Green Footballs to see in nice big and clear pictures exactly what was done to this photo to create it for your media manipulation. [Note and more below: This is the Reuters photographer who took a questionable photo at Qana --also splashed across the media]
So what is wrong with this picture?
1. The smoke. See the repeating spirals of black smoke? Smoke doesn't repeat in spirals like that. Professional sports photographers are discussing the photo here and they picked up on the smoke issue immediately. One of them notes: "I'll second the cloned smoke...but it looks so obvious that I don't know how the photographer could have gotten away with it."

2. Buildings that do not exist. Or well, actually, they do exist but they only exist in one incarnation in reality. In this photo it seems that damaged buildings have managed to replicate themselves magically. In other words, they have been cloned, using the clone tool in photoshop. Again you need to pop over to LGF to see the blowup of this photo of this and they have highlighted some of the cloned buildings, and Rob has highlighted additional cloned buildings.

We know these buildings have been cloned for two reasons. First, it is highly unlikely that two identical buildings even sitting in close proximity would suffer exactly identical damage. More importantly, other photographs of this same city block region show that only one of these buildings exists on the ground (in other words, outside of this picture).

3. LGF has found what may be the original (pre-doctored) version of this photo --or at the least, the photo was taken (ed: my bad, it was taken on July 26th and not on the same day), from the exact same angle, and shows quite a different scene. Notice when you pop over there that the smoke is not black and not rising in huge towering spirals. Rather it is white (Psst: Dust from collapsed buildings people, remember the dust issue from Qana!) and low and blowing along.

Now speaking of Qana, this same photographer, Adnan Hajj, took the now famous picture of the infant that was covered in dust --which is indeed compatible with having been pulled from a collapsed building and thus I completely believe that this unfortunate child was buried under rubble (in contrast to the photos of the other bodies theoretically extracted at Qana from under piles of rubble which had not a speck of dust or dirt on them or their clothing). The thing about this photo of the infant that caught people's attention, however, was that while the body was absolutely covered in dust, the pacifier and the plastic chain of the pacifier that hangs down off the child looks like it just came out of a newly purchased package --no dust, no dirt, not even a smudge. In fact, the clean, blue plastic of this chain makes a pictorially striking, even jarring contrast to the body:

One of Germany's largest newspapers Bild Zeitung has decided that our friendly rescuer in the Green Helmet is indeed Mr. Hezbollah Propoganda Spokesman and that the pictures coming out of Qana were staged.
In fact, they've also put up some pictures of him in 1996--holding up dead infants for the camera.

Oh, and we now know why the roof of the building at Qana was completely undamaged --according to a witness the missile decided to enter (what, it was trying to be polite?)through the front door “It came in right at the door. I saw it. It was aimed right for the door” (hat tip: A Whiff of the Med)

Personally, I intend to write Reuters and ask for a full investigation of the photos submitted by Adnan Hajj.


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