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Friday, August 18, 2006

Desecration of Israeli Bodies by Lebanese Villagers

I think I am about to be ill. Little Green Footballs has a video up of that has been being shown on Future TV in Lebanon. The video shows body parts, they claim from Israeli soldiers, being poured from a bag and the villagers then stomping on them and holding them up for the cameras.

I'm putting a warning here up about the extremely graphic and gruesome nature of this video. But I also think that it is important that people see it and know about it. Israel has been so maligned in the International media about our "brutality" in Lebanon --the world needs to how the other side reacts for a bit of a comparison. Sorry but they win with a brutality award on this one.

In fact, if you have a blog in the U.K. or in France or other parts of Europe I urge you to blog this.

[Folks at the BBC since at least some of you are reading my blog --wanna cover this?]


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