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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Celebratory Whine

Yes, that is right I'm both celebrating and whining at the same time. The reason(s) is work-related (mostly). After tomorrow the celebration might increase even more and I can guarantee that the whining will :)

So from 8 a.m. this morning my phone has been ringing off the hook and I've gotten very rude when answering it, giving the "yeah whaddya want" intonation to my hallo. Four students, a colleague to whom I whined about the incredible number of students I've got and that they are to a one driving me insane, a reporter (to whom I did not whine or complain, heh), and then the (two) phone calls that are reason for celebration --but don't worry, you'll get to hear me whine some more in a few minutes. The folks in social psychology dept (ie. people who speak my language!! understand statistics! DO LAB STUDIES) at the Benchomi want me to have a half-time appointment in the psych dept!!! I'm meeting tomorrow with them to talk courses to teach. Yes, this means courses dealing with theories I have actually heard of and use!!! I've been doing happy little dances all over my apartment.

A second reason to celebrate (not yet but quite soon) is that a major massive project I've been working on is going to be unveiled within a couple of weeks. When it happens believe me you will all know about it because I'll tell you more than you probably ever wanted to know about it, heh :) In between now and then though I'm crazed with putting things together for it.

Now on to some serious whining. I have 18 thesis students. 18. Yes that is a 1 and an 8 together there making the number very close to 20. I have a half-time position and I have 18 thesis students. All of whom are writing their theses in hebrew. Because they are in communications they have the horrific requirement to write what amount to novels. (Now in psych, your dissertation is a total of maybe 70 pages at a max. These masters students have to write a minimum of 60 pages!). Now I have a lovely colleague (different from colleague above) who is full-time and has a total of 7 (yes that is a single digit number) thesis students and he keeps sending me more of them. I got another 4 emails and phone calls from "please be my advisor" kids this week. ENOUGH. No. So I said no when they called and wrote and one of them went back to the person who sent her. Then he of only 7 called me to say you really need to take this one because you are the only one working in the area that she wants to work in. Yes, well I pointed out that her original idea was in his area but he didn't like it (or didn't want another student, ahem). Anyway, I'm putting my foot down. And something has to be done about these 18 because this would be damn near impossible to handle if hebrew were my native language.

I'm spending the bulk of my day today running stats for thesis students and kids in my course. This is another thing I'm going to scream about: why do these kids have no knowledge of SPSS and think that designing studies that only examine descriptives is just fine and why haven't they been taught to run more than a frequency analyses in SPSS?! They've never heard of ANOVAs, have no idea what a regression is and those are baby statistical analyses!! I am really going to have to hurt someone soon. I've inherited a ton of thesis students who have already had their projects approved and run their studies and are now in write-it-and-finish-NOW phase (or be kicked from the program because they haven't finished in 6 years). I am in shock. I would not give approval for studies of this quality, that only examine descriptives, that have no theory behind them, and that examine questions in the "who the hell cares?" arena for students in my undergraduate classes back at NYU much less for a thesis student. Whoever let these students get this far on these projects is criminally negligent and certainly if I got sent a thesis along these lines I would never pass it as a reader. So I'm desperately attempting damage control for them because I am now the prof on record behind their projects and so their "research" will reflect on _me_.

Ok, I've whined enough (though trust me I still have loads of whines just waiting in the wings).

Psychology take me away!


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