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Saturday, August 19, 2006

BBC accurate for once

Miracles will never cease --the BBC has finally put up a story about Israel that is accurate for once. Granted, they waited until after the war was over to say anything about the damage and trauma Israelis experienced but better late than never. You can read the article about Kiryat Shmona here. I sent them a little note thanking them for providing a bit of accurate coverage about Israel. I noted that we do not expect "positive" articles but we do expect accurate ones and that in future it would be nice to see more balanced reporting when it comes to this region because that has been seriously absent in their coverage of the war against Hezbollah. [Anyone who is interested in writing them can do so here]

In other news, the German police have arrested two people who are suspected of being involved in the plot to bomb two trains in Germany. Interestingly, there may be a connection to Hezbollah as a list found with one of the bombs not only lists grocery items and bomb-making materials but also has a phone number written on it that is in Lebanon. Thankfully, the two bombs were not put together correctly and did not go off or there would have been many hundreds of people killed on those trains. Before anyone decides there is a connection between the war between Israel and Hezbollah and these bombs, please remember that this bomb plot occurred pre-war and while we Israelis were considering our Lebanese border to be the safest and most tranquil save the area along the Sea of Salt across which is Jordan.

In personal news, today was one of those days that really just might as well not have happened. You know the kind, you don't really get anything done and wonder where the heck the day went given that you got nothing done. Well, I got the floors swept and mopped and my feet still get black after walking across them a few times. I did dishes and now there are more dishes to do. I got nothing done as far as work although I stared at my work stuff hard enough that there should be at least four or five papers written but alas...I did have a lovely conversation with my mother. The cats have undone all the other straightening I did. I'd say why bother to straighten to begin with if that were the case but trust me they would make it far worse.

Oooooo anyone know how to get stains out of a white cotton skirt? Not sure what kind of stains they are --something I sat on for sure like when I sat down on a wall or a bench. Definiely not coffee or tea or anything of that variety. The skirt has only been worn once, washed once, and yikes where did these stains come from?


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