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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Armed Palestinians break into jail and execute 'collaborators'

I've noticed that the world seems to be silent when Palestinians engage in activities such as this:
Five Palestinian gunmen dressed in military uniforms broke into a prison Friday in the West Bank city of Jericho and shot six inmates dead, security sources said.
The assailants were armed with handguns equipped with silencers.
Four of these men were accused of collaborating with Israel, though they had not yet been tried. The two other men in the cell who were killed simply had the bad luck to be in the same cell with these four.

According to Ynet, "A senior Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades member told Ynet that the organization decided to execute the collaborators after the Palestinian Authority refrained from doing so for more than year." But fear not, Abbas is on the case. He is speeding up the process whereby those suspected of passing information to Israel can be executed --"Following a number of raids on PA prisons President Mahmoud Abbas decided to transfer the collaborators’ cases to the Mufti, so that he may authorize their execution; a number of prisoners suspected of collaborating with Israel have indeed been executed in the past few months."

Remember the hue and cry when Israelis broke into, yes this same prison, less than one year ago and removed terrorists being held there after the Palestinian Authority violated the international agreement that was signed regarding their imprisonment? Remember how the international monitors withdrew from the prison because their own safety was at risk, that they had repeatedly asked the Palestinian Authority to abide by the regulations regarding the prisoners and were met with refusal, and that the palestinian government was claiming they were going to free these men in violation of the international agreement? The whole world comdemned Israel for going in and taking these guys out of the jail and putting them safely, fully alive and breathing, in another jail --this time one in our country and where they could finally have a fair trial, you know with their own lawyers and witnesses and stuff.

But there seems to be no condemnation, no notice even, when members of the Palestinian Authority's own party break into a jail and summarily execute people without giving them the benefit of a trial. And of course those two who had the bad luck to be in the cell, oh well for them, ho hum.

And, of course, in Israel we don't have th death penalty and so those terrorists --involved in the assassination of one of our government ministers --will live out long lives, whether they are found guilty or innocent. In jail if guilty, free if innocent. Yet, we are condemned...


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