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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Arab-Israeli civilians suffering high casualty rates and they are pissed --at Hezbollah

******I blogged about a conversation I had with someone yesterday and should have checked with that person prior to blogging it. While I took care to preserve anonymity this is a small country. By request, this portion of the post has been removed******

Many people outside of Israel may not realize this but a very high proportion of our civilians that have been killed in the 3,500 plus rocket attacks by Hezbollah so far were Arab-Israeli citizens. A good number of our military casualties were also Arab-Israelis. And they are pissed.

On Sunday rockets slammed into the Abu Nisnas neighborhood of Haifa which is predominantly Arab-Israeli and right in the center of the city. Dozens of people were injured in the attacks on Haifa that day and 3 people lost their lives. As one young Arab-Israeli who was injured in the attacks said, "I hope Nasrallah gets a rocket between the legs for what he is doing to me here, for harming grandma and grandpa." The Sandmonkey noted that "Someone yesterday told me that while watching an AlArabiay report on Israei arabs, a couple of Israeli arabs started chanting "Blero7 Beldam , nefdeeky ya Israel" (With our Souls and Blood we die for you Israel), which is a very arab chant usually in dedication to our leader." [My emphasis].


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