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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

AP and the BBC doing some Reuters tactics

If you pop over to Drinking from Home you'll see a woman so unlucky that she's lost multiple houses several weeks apart all over Lebanon: this must be why the BBC has featured her so prominently. Not only that, multiple photographers from different news agencies have somehow managed to stumble across her impromtu performance. Well, now, how random is that? Reuters photographer Issam Kobbeisi just happened to come across this woman on the street as she through up her hands and wailed over the destruction of "her" apartment building on July 22nd. Then, in proof that not only does the IDF strike twice but that reporters seem to be psychic, Hussein Malla from AP saw her impromput hand-raising despair over the destruction of "her" private home in a Beirut suburb on Aug. 5. And the BBC thought her picture was so moving that they put two copies of her up on their front page in prominent positions (you can see the screen capture and then their stealth edit over on Drinking from Home).

And how about those 40 people killed in a deliberate Israeli massacre yesterday, hmmm? Oh, ooops, you mean it was really only 1? And amazingly, from my own observation of the BBC yesterday to see how this would be handled since they had a screaming headline about the massacre of 40 civilians --it took them several hours after the ticker on Ha'Aretz was showing that the number had been revised to just one person for them to change it. And no, of course they didn't make it a headline: the 40 massacred headline got changed to Israel bombs...and in the text description beneath there was a little note that it was one person and not 40 as previously reported. Of course.

BTW: all the folks who are popping over here from the Aljazeera in Italy site and making the troll comments, death threats, personal attacks and so forth, whether in english or in Italian --I'm not publishing so just don't bother, ok?


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