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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ambulances for Jihad

VENT Ambulances for Jihad

Michelle Malkin and Hotair ask that readers watch this video [for my regular readers this is new and has a ton of must-see video and material in it dealing with use of ambulances to transport terrorists and explosives] and then send the url for it along to the following three media outlets who reported the ambulance story uncritically (ITV had the most egregious coverage as you will see if you watch their report below) and seek a response:

ITV News (see their biased video report here) - Contact info here. Email:

Time magazine (their article here)- Contact info here. Email

The Boston Globe (article here) - Contact info here. Ombudsman email -

If you have a blog, blog it! Send it to friends, send it to enemies. You can send to your local media too and make them aware of this. Go viral with it!


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