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Monday, August 07, 2006

Adnan Hajj scandal goes viral, Green Helmet strikes again

Reuters look out, the Hajj scandal of the doctored photograph has gone extremely viral. I tried to post about this last night but my connection went on the fritz --it is just as well, however, because the 'net frenzy and the scrutiny of Hajj's other photographs has exploded even further overnight. Reuters has now moved up to Number 1 on technorati's most-searched terms, followed by "Adnan Hajj" at Number 3 (anti-semite Mel Gibson is at 5).

Everywhere you look you see professional photographers and the layman alike scrutinizing Hajj's photographs --and coming up with some mighty suspicious candidates that appear to have been altered. Our own Lisoosh identified this photo below as being altered and the girl has a good eye -- here it is now also identified as being altered from over on Little Green Footballs
. And that is not the only questionable photograph to have been identified already --seems Hajj was a busy boy "removing dust marks" from lots of photographs.

Word on the web street is that Reuters is not planning to examine any of Hajj's other images for fraud. Dudes, you are making one huge mistake. Everyone else is already examining his images and coming to their own conclusions --and one of those conclusions is going to be that they can't trust the news coming out of Reuters if Reuters does not conduct a full investigation and detail which of his photos were doctored. Reuters can save face if they investigate and fully come clean. If I were Reuters I'd actually be examining all of the photo work that has come out of Lebanon whether by Hajj or by other stringers simply because --that's what folks on the street are doing. Already images from other Reuter's stringers are being closely examined by the average web-guy and gal; and already suspicions are being cast, if not about photoshop editing, then about stagings of photos. Reuters, folks, you gotta act or you are going to end up with a far bigger P.R. nightmare than Hajj has already created for you.

Mr. Green Helmet has put in another appearance. Yesterday he was back in Tyre for a photo-op next to some more dead bodies. Yo, this dude certainly gets around. I must say, along with just about everyone else right now, that the Hajj scandal has certainly cast yet more suspician on the events at Qana. Hajj was there and took some photos that look mighty staged. Reuters and other news agencies, such as AP, reviewed the Qana photos and concluded they weren't staged --of course, that was before Hajj's chicanery came to light. Maybe they should take another look...

Hmmm, who took this photo above?...Yep that's the way people are thinking.

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