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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who answered the phone in Qana?

I've written before about how the IDF does not just drop leaflets to warn civilians to flee. When a civilian structure, such as a house, is going to be targeted, the IDF calls on the phone to warn the residents to flee. This is a standard practice. Peretz discussed this with Rice when last she was here:

Despite the enemy's tactics, he told Rice, the IDF was still operating as a moral and ethical army. Hizbullah, he told her, fired at Israel from within mosques and homes, using civilians as shields. "We called up one home and told the residents that we were going to attack, and that they needed to evacuate," Peretz told Rice. "They fled the home and only then did we level the building. A home whose occupants didn't answer the phone, he added, was not targeted.

So, who answered the phone in the apartment in Qana? Hello, Hezbollah here.

I do not think that the civilian casualties that happened today happened by accident. Hezbollah has certainly not forgotten the last time Qana was hit. 1996, 100 civilians killed. A ceasefire came immediately. No, I think Hezbollah deliberately set those people up to be slaughtered. They've done it before and found it to be effective. They've done it recently and found it to be effective. No, I don't think that this little re-play of 1996 in the same place was at all an accident.

Any doubts about Hezbollah hiding behind and setting up the civilians around it --check out these pictures that were smuggled out of Lebanon and appear in this news article. Hat tip: Abba Gav


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