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Friday, July 21, 2006

Wedding blessings while the bombs fall

Maya and Shlomi Buskila got married today in a bomb shelter. The couple replaced their intended 900-person convention center with the Matmid school bomb shelter in their home town of Kiryat Shmona. "We'll be celebrating the wedding night in a shelter as well," said the brand-new groom.

The Sandmonkey posted the other day about a young couple in Lebanon who also wed amidst chaos and destruction.

Love and hope find a way to survive.

And, because we all need something (I'll take anything!) to lighten the mood, I'm posting a link to this post. Oy if my Jewish mother reads this one methinks I'm soon going to have a shiny, silver cell-phone with all kinds of bells and whistles I don't need...!

And Abba Gav posts about hosting a refugee family from our beseiged northern area --a family he had never met before they arrived on his doorstep --and gives information about how people can help. Take a gander.


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