Step-by-Step: Making Aliyah to Israel

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We are not crazy and neither are they

I had a rant of despair yesterday after receiving a personal communication from someone I like and respect, consider a friend, and who is now wishing for the death and destruction of every member of my country, myself included. It was a bad day all around. War does this to people. To him, to me. And this is a war no matter what we are all calling it.

There are many voices of reason in the arabic world. There are many many good and decent people on all sides of this multi-faceted conflict. For every tiny incremental step forward we all take it seems we get pushed twenty steps back. And yet we do continue to creep forward, tentative step by tentative step. The voices of moderation and reasoning continue to grow --on all sides. There are ties and bonds that have been formed that are strong enough to endure this war and others that hopefully will be mended. There are new ones that will be formed. We are not all crazy here in the Middle East, not even most of us. Those that are truly crazy, the extremists the terrorists, they are not going to win. They may gain a temporary advantage but it is temporary. Because the rest of us are creeping forward.


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