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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Unexpected agreement

The best opinion piece that I've read thus far in our newspapers came out today. When I began to read it, I didn't think I would agree with what (I thought) was going to be said. But it turns out that it captures just about exactly my feelings. Not that I like it or am happy about it but there you are.

Yoram Kaniuk starts it off thus:
They called to say that there's a rally against the war on Saturday night. Which war? I used to rally with my eyes closed, the first to march in protest of the evils of the occupation - that war in Lebanon. But what kind of occupation is Lebanon under now? We withdrew from the country. We left Gaza. The Iranians are announcing that Israel must be erased from the face of the earth. They say this nation must be destroyed. Which other country in the world faces threats of destruction?

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While I do think we have to go after Hisbollah and while I do think that getting rid of Hisbollah benefits not only us but will also benefit Lebanon in the long run, I feel absolutely sick about the destruction and devestation that has occurred there. Is occurring. I feel as sick when I see the pictures of Beirut as I do when I see the pictures of our Haifa in the news with 'new bombing' as the order of the day. And I really think there needs to be a world wide law that doesn't allow terror groups, resistance groups, whatever you want to call them, from setting up their resistance in the middle of neighborhoods. Want to resist, make an army and do the old-fashioned let's march to the border thing or launch your rockets and store your rockets and hold your clandestine meetings away from your innocent neighbors.

And I'm going to call and scream again at my internet company. Off and on, on and off; if I can get 3 sentences of part of an email or post in before the connection goes out I'm a seriously happy camper. Is 012 being hacked or something, anyone know?


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