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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Surreal Summer Skies

There has been a sense of the surreal hanging over my day all day. Here we are with this beautiful, sunny, fantastic summer weather with a sky the shade of blue you don't find anywhere else in the world outside of the Middle East, a cooling breeze blowing constantly off the ocean if you venture close to the shoreline. And all hell breaking loose under these beautiful cloudless and sun-kissed skies. As I was waiting for my student I sat and closed my eyes. For just a brief moment I could make myself believe that it was a normal sunny, summer day and that none of this was happening. A pair of our military helicopters flew low overhead, shattering that brief moment.

And, of course, in every falafel stand, kiosk, and outdoor restaurant a tv was hung above the street blaring the latest news at high volume. People walked beneath them, turning to look back over their shoulders --anything new occurred since I passed the last one 40 steps back? No? Keep going. Or stopped and stood staring with a concerned frown, trying to catch up and to share a few words of murmured concern with their fellow-onlookers.

The blue skies and glorious sun told me that it should be like any other hot and lazy summer day. The expressions on every face told me otherwise.

My one bright spot today is that a good friend of mine, who is one of the smartest and most talented people I've ever met (and a real sweetheart in the bargain) has started blogging again. Of course it had to take a war to get him back to blogging...check out A Whiff of the Med.


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