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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A small theory

This is a theory I've been kicking around in my mind on why Nazareth was targeted earlier today. For those who don't know our country well, Nazareth is a beautiful city nestled in the hills. It lies not a very far distance from Haifa in one direction and Um Al Fahim in another and Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee in the other. Its population is mostly Christian and nearly 100% Arab-Israeli. Nasrallah has always claimed his beef was with the zionist jews and thus not with our non-jewish citizens --yet Hizbollah targeted a non-Jewish city deep within our country. Many of our towns in the border area have large arab-israeli populations and have been targeted but Nazareth is not a border town.

Now it could be, as some of our news commenters and others have opined that this attack was because Nasrallah is first of all against all Israelis regardless of religion or ethnicity and this certainly demonstrates that. And second of all that he also doesn't like Christians and thus was targeting an extremely holy city to Christians. And third of all that he considers Arab-Israelis to be traitors (to his cause). They all fully agree that Nasrallah is an s.o.b. I'm with ya there.

I have yet another theory and that is that, while the above three are undoubtedly true, they don't also consider 98.1 and 101 fm. These radio channels are run from the same place in Nazareth. They are wholly independent of the government --in other words, this is not army radio in arabic --and are run by a very dedicated and enthusiastic group. They are our most popular arab-language radio stations in the country with a market share of the Israeli arab population of right about 50%. They are also enjoyed by folks in our neighboring countries --with signals reaching into southern Lebanon. Since this balagan began, in addition to the IDF dropping fliers warning Lebanese citizens to leave areas in danger of coming under attack, our arabic-language radio stations have also been broadcasting the warnings in the hopes of reaching those who are hunkered down in their homes listening to the news on the radio and thus who might not have seen the fliers. They have been tirelessly urging those in areas who could be in danger to please leave and to do so without hesitating or taking a wait-and-see approach.

I'm wondering if Nasrallah, in addition to the above reasons, didn't want to try to shut our arabic radio stations up.


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