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Friday, July 07, 2006

Ohh. Owwwww. Ohhh.

I made a smarta** comment the other day about teeth cleaning being worse than a root canal. Uhhhh, no. Definitely, positively no. Retract and retreat! I guess I should be glad the dentist didn't say "extract." Or maybe not. If it were gone would it hurt this much? I'm voting that if there ever is a next time (and there so probably will be) that we do that experiment and find out.

I am blessed with having a left side of my mouth that doesn't really respond to novacaine, especially on the upper side which is of course where the hideous tooth needing a root canal was hiding out. I warned the dentist beforehand but he obviously didn't quite believe me. He gave me a massive shot in 3 places and we sat around waiting for it to take effect. He started and all was fine for about 2 minutes. I nearly reached the ceiling with fingernails outstretched to try to cling there.

"That hurt?" he asked, concerned. "Uhh huhhh gahh," was my response around the hideous purple rubber thing he'd clamped in my mouth along with a frantic nod. Another shot in another 2 places. We waited. He started. 10 minutes later I was going for the ceiling again. Another shot. Another 20 minutes and "Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy." Final shot in 4 different spots including inside the destroyed tooth which really made me reach for the ceiling. He started again. Oy va voy va voy. "Sorry, I can't give you any more it would be dangerous at this point." Oh - my - g-d. Finally, finally the torture ended. Except...

"You are going to have some pain. Take some aspirin..."




"I can give you a prescription for codeine...oh your chart says you are..."

"yeah, allergic."

"Tylenol probably won't do much but give it a try."

I already knew that Tylenol wouldn't work. It is the only thing I can take for anything and so of course it doesn't even get rid of a headache for me. Now I'm 8 tylenol extra-strength tablets later and walking the floor. Oh_my_g-d.


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