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Monday, July 24, 2006

Next on the agenda

Dan Halutz, our Army Chief of Staff, spoke to some of our new recruits today and outlined where we are going with our ground activities:

"The ground activities alone are not designed to change the reality but it supports the other efforts we are making from the air, the sea, and intelligence. The aim is to strike the terrorists capture whoever can be taken. We do not want to kill them but we want them to stop the terror. Whoever says 'enough' and comes out with raised hands, we will be responsible for their fate and treat them as best as possible. The ones paying a heavy price on what is happening in southern Lebanon are residents of the Shiite villages which Hizbullah is holding as hostages. I can say that until now 75 percent of those residents have fled their homes," Halutz said.

Capturing rather than killing the terrorists if possible seems to be the goal, backed up by the fact that they have been building at even-working-on-Shabbat pace a place to hold those who are captured. Over the weekend portable showers and toilets were trucked in along with the construction of dormitories for those captured. They are creating a place that can hold up to several hundred captured terrorists. Are they going to bring in hundreds of psychiatrists who can try to make these people stop being crazy? That I think should be a top priority.


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