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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Medusa (aka the Palestinian Authority)

This is the biggest reason no peace deal has ever been brokered between our peoples:

""The efforts by the Egyptians are facing difficulties due to the absence of an address on the Hamas side capable of taking decisions," said Abbas, the moderate leader of the mainstream Fatah movement.
"Hamas political leadership outside are saying the decision is in the hands of its military wing inside Gaza, while the military wing is saying the decision is in the hands of the political leadership outside. Ismail Haniyeh, the current prime minister of Hamas government, appears not to have any say in what is going on in this regard," Abbas said in a statement issued by his office.
"If things do not change, all indications are leading into one direction, more bloodshed, more chaos and poverty, more catastrophes, and worse instability in our region," Abbas said of the hostage crisis.

Not only do we not know who to talk to "over there" at any given time, but the folks "over there" don't know who to be talking to among themselves.

Agreements get signed by one person (let's call him the theoretical head of their government) and some groups say nope nope not recognizing it, not abiding by it and a few years later a new government comes in and says hmmm maybe at some point we'll agree to agree on things that were decided and agreed on a decade ago and then again maybe we never will. Some of them jump up and down and scream we never will. Others say, wellll not so fast. Then there are four or five additional groups (with more popping up every day) not represented in the government at all but who seem to have as much say and to run around doing pretty much what they want --and they certainly don't agree to it or to anything else. The New President tries to say, uhh guys this was already agreed on and is a fact ...uh boys, BOYS, ...boys please...

G-d I really feel sorry for Abbas. He has got to feel like a substitute teacher in charge of a kindergarten class filled with delinquent children over whom he has absolutely no control and stands helpless pleading with them to stop, sit down, behave, stop tearing the classroom to pieces...

(And these delinquent children all have guns -and lots of them- and various little groups of them have tried on several occasions to kill off the teacher. That's of course when not trying to kill off one another. And nearly all of them are trying to kill off the kids in the classroom next door who are a year older and so a little bigger and stronger and who fight back)

When we say we don't have a negotiation partner we are wrong: There are at least 8 or 9 over there currently--all of whom unfortunately don't agree with each other, don't agree within their own representative groups, over whom their leaders have no power, and thus whose ability to sign or do anything meaningful other than cause a royal mess is absolutely nil. And this is nothing new it has been going on for more than a decade. The only new thing here is that they are finally coming out and saying ok no one seems to really be in charge here.

I could scream. And I could cry because this is so representative and it is such a tragedy for them and for us.


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