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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israeli Soldiers wave both Israeli and Lebanese flags

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This is quite symbolic of the way that we, as Israelis, are thinking about this conflict. In our eyes, Hizbollah is not just an enemy that aims to destroy our country. It is not just our enemy. Hizbollah is an enemy of the Lebanese people as well. In freeing ourselves of the Hizbollah threat we are also freeing the Lebanese people.

The Lebanese people showed incredible strength and resilience in throwing off the yoke of Syria just in the last year. We would certainly have been happy to let them handle Hizbollah in their own time, and as their government and army gained the strength to deal with that confrontation which would have had to come eventually if Lebanon was ever to be truly free. Unfortunately, Hizbollah called the shots for all us. Had they not attacked us, had they bided their time, we certainly would have bided ours and given all benefit of a doubt to the Lebanese government to handle Hizbollah.

I think that we are all hoping that what is occuring today will actually build a better future for Lebanon tomorrow.

And I think this better future is exactly what Iran is so afraid of happening. That is why now, as Hizbollah is beginning to have to be on the run, Iran has sent large groups of suicide bombers to infiltrate into Lebanon with the aim of blowing themselves up in civilian and military targets. According to the report, the aim is to spark a civil war in Lebanon. Yo Iran, I think the Lebanese people will be smarter and stronger than that.

(BTW: on the topic of my last post about Nasrallah's latest speech, the Sandmonkey has given his take on the message that Nasrallah was sending to the arab world --check it out)


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