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Sunday, July 30, 2006

An impassioned plea from Lebanon

Lebanese bloggers at Ouwet place the blame for the civilian deaths in Qana firmly on Hezbollah and make an impassioned plea to Nasrallah:

For the last two weeks, we have been screaming that HA are hiding amongst civilians to attack Israel…we posted on boards, we mass mailed, some wrote to news papers and major news channels…

And yet, the most concerned, the Lebanese people that were themselves the victims, stood silent…they felt powerless and defenseless…

Some accused us of treason…some even went all the way to claim we fabricated those stories…

Today, the proof is with you, in front of you and yet some of you refuse to see…you refuse to see that HUMAN BEINGS are being used as SHIELDS…yes HUMAN BEINGS…kids, women, infants…

Mr. Nasralla, we understand the necessities of a guerilla war…we understand that you are fighting what you and your people consider a battle of existence…but we are not in the Mekong delta or the jungles of Vietnam…this is Lebanon Mr. Nasralla…the 10452Km2 are totally inhabited…so wherever your people hide, they are endangering HUMANS…
Read the rest as they make many important points.

They also posted a video demonstrating Hezbollah's tactics of hiding among civilians :Video

If you haven't been over at Allison's blog of late (like in the last hour) she has an excellent post that I put a "must read" ticker on.

And this post addresses what we all know by now but gives some more details: namely, the building in Qana collapsed 7-8 hours after being hit in the air strike.


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