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Friday, July 21, 2006

Gah!! Terrorist down the street. Literally!

I debated tonight whether to take my books and watch the sunset on the fluffy orange-cushioned chairs at my now second-favourite coffee spot at the port --just down the street from my apartment --or whether to go to the one on the corner of my street. I decided for the one just a stone's toss away since I also needed to pick a few things up at the nearby store. I was halfway through the hd nouns in the dictionary and just begun to sip on my iced coffee when police cars, with no sirens on began converging in the area. The were coming to and and fro from every direction. They were little police cars and police paddy wagons. They were everywhere. Cell phones started ringing and people started paying their bills and leaving. Me and one guy were left. Yeah, there was a suicide bomber on the loose the word was. And it was a woman. I looked at the guy and was like, noooo you don't fit the description. I decided to finish my coffee. No one was going to target a place with just 2 people in it.

Went to the store and the activity had more than heated up. Cars with sirens blaring were now zipping all over. A very big helicopter with a search light was flying around (still flying around). I came inside. Checked the news. Bomber caught just down the street. NOT THE BOMBER THEY WERE LOOKING FOR. There is at least another one out there.

Noorster home and fine, Lisa fine. Me home and not going anywhere. checking the news. Hoping they catch her, them...who knows how many there are!

****Update: Terror alert lifted. 3 terrorists, including the female suicide bomber, arrested a 30 second walk from my apartment. That seems to be the lot of them. Thud. I can see the corner they were arrested on from my window. Thud.

Gooooooooooooo police!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you. I'm bringing you cookies on Sunday.


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