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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Families in need

Today at our ulpan, the principal came in and spoke to our class about the emergency food drive they are putting together for the approximately 2 million Israelis in our northern region who are stuck in bomb shelters. Even during the brief times between the sirens going off there are no stores open to sell them food, no way for them to obtain money for them to buy it with and so forth. She asked that everyone try to bring in one item of canned food that does not need to be cooked (many do not have electricity or means of cooking of course) or staples such as crackers before the shipment goes out next Monday.

At the break our class poured out of the building and the majority of us headed en masse to the new little corner store (that must have been ecstatic to see us all arriving). No one purchased just one thing. In fact, we cleaned the shelves of cans of tuna (they asked for this specifically for the children). I also bought several cans of olives, pickles, and a couple bags of sugar (which she had mentioned would be divided among many families) the chocolate spread that most children here have for lunch, crackers and, of course, Bamba for the kids.

Last night the local supermarket had two big baskets set up close to the door by the check-out counter. When I arrived to pay for my dinner purchase the girl asked if I wanted to contribute something to send to our soldiers who are also in need of some basics. Of course. She motioned me over to one basket that held things like shampoo, disposable razors, and bamba (the 3 things I picked out) among others (e.g. toothpaste and so forth). After ringing them up we placed them in the second basket and I had the option of writing a little note on a pad of paper to include but did not because my hebrew was too tired to manage it.

I encourage everyone to donate if they can because these people are in real need. I also encourage people to donate to the many funds that have been set up for helping the lebanese people who have been displaced from their homes. Tomorrow I will try to post a list of places where you can donate foodstuffs or monetarily for those in need here in the hard-hit areas of Israel and also in Lebanon.


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